Saturday, December 15, 2012

Excuses, Excuses . . .

Clinton won't testify on Benghazi due to illness

First wine-tasting in Australia -- and now this.

For someone who should have been on the first plane home to testify after Gen. Petraeus regarding the death of 4 Americans on her watch, this is looking more and more like a delaying tactic and a cover-up.

What did she know and when did she know it? 


Anonymous said...

Did anyone seriously expect a Clinton to be on the up and up. They duck and lie as no others, yet some continue to worship at their altar. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Nice how you conveniently left out the fact that Clinton fainted, hit her head & suffered a concussion.

Delaying tactic, cover-up? Hardly. Unless you believe that Mrs. Clinton deliberately caused heself to suffer a concussion in order to avoid appearing at the hearing.

Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason to believe that the administration hasn't simply made up the entire "concussion story" to justify her not appearing to testify. I put nothing past this administration when it comes to lying, hiding facts, or covering their despicable butts.

Anonymous said...

Uh, do you have any evidence that the Obama admin. has made up the concussion story?

I mean other than paranoia. Do you also believe that the end is coming 0n 12/22?

Strikeslip said...

Uh...Why did Ms. Clinton think it more important to continue her wine-tasting tour in Australia and other activities which removed herself as far as possible from Washington scrutiny? She needs to distance herself from the Benghazi fiasco if she wants to be president. If my presidential aspirations were on the line, you bet I'd give myself a concussion! :-)