Friday, November 02, 2012

Who Pays?

They're up to their old mischief again: Officials begin discussions on best way to utilize region’s water supply
Officials from Oneida County, Utica and Rome gathered Wednesday at the State Office Building for the beginning of a series of discussions about regional economic development and water resources. 
Poor Herkimer County (the place with the water). Left out again! Gotta wonder what the Utica representative was saying?
“The focus of the meeting was to begin a conversation with the water producers on how do we get water to parts of the region that are currently underserved or using well water,” said Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, D-Utica.
"Underserved?" In who's estimation? "Well water?" Isn't that what you get when you choose to locate yourself away from cities or developed suburbs that have the population density to support municipal water service?

Sounds like someone has some "empire building" in mind -- and they plan on using water-rate payers' money to subsidize it.

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