Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Saga of the New Hartford Town Library Continues . . .

. . . as does the attitude problem of some employees and trustees.

The impression is that they do not care about those who are paying for their "private club."

Read about it on New Hartford Online Blog: New Hartford Public Library Trustee Meeting on Sept. 19, 2012


Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of the difference in class between New Hartford and Utica.

Ed and the Concerned Citizens have been EXTREMELY effective at exposing a lot that goes on in New Hartford. However, you don't see Ed carrying a camera at the table with him like Mr. Vescera.

Also, you don't see New Hartford Concerned Citizens getting into personal and childish attacks. They stick to the important issues, and that's why they're so effective and get the respect of the citizens.

Vescera can learn something from them. Then again, it was Vescera, Zecca and Tim Trent that yelled at Ed when they came to a Utica meeting with a camera and told them "you don't live in Utica, so get out."

Anonymous said...

The recent Re-Chartering vote and win for the town and surrounding area taxpayers should serve as an indication that truth matters.

Cathy and Ed are a formidable team whose sole purpose is to bring transparency into government and the release of records to the taxpaying residents.

Go to NewHartfordNYOnline.Blogspot.Com to read fact-based articles.