Sunday, September 09, 2012

Suspicion Confirmed!

A week ago it was interesting to see a photo of Oneida County Executive Tony Picente standing with Oneida County majority leader George Joseph tagged "Friends of" the Orange County Candidate who is running against Claudia Tenney, the Assemblywoman from New Hartford in Thursday's Primary (9/13/12).

Well now it has been confirmed by the campaign flyer at left that Tony Picente has actually endorsed Ms. Tenney's opponent.

I don't know what axe Mr. Picente has to grind with Ms. Tenney, but his endorsement of someone from entirely out of the area requires some explaining.

Undoubtedly there are deep philosophical differences between Mr. Picente and Ms. Tenney with the former being a big government/spender type (Airport, NanoCenter), and the latter a conservative.  But to say through his endorsement that someone from over 100 miles away from New Hartford can better represent that Town (and the Town of Paris next door) than someone who actually resides in New Hartford is plain nonsense.  It appears that Mr. Picente cannot put his personal agenda aside for what is best for the area.

And we wonder why we have no clout?

Perhaps a comparison of the two candidates better explains Mr. Picente's endorsement.


RPP said...

There are several reasons why Picente favors Tenney's opponent. One, Claudia cannot be controlled by the establishment headed by Picente. Two, she defeated Joseph who is a part of the "club", toe the line political establishment. Three, the Assembly women had the gall to question Picente and his positions during the last election.None of these reasons have anything to do with competency, reason or effective representation. It's pure, rotten politics.

Anonymous said...

Picente is the one that must go. He is clueless and we all pay the price of his incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Tony is overplaying his hand. He should have given up after Joseph lost. This, along with his ousting Mandryk and the coroner positions will come back to haunt him big time.

If he thinks he has a shot of being elected to higher office or even being reelected, he has another thing coming. He will never win a primary against a decent Republican.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have no clout. And the reason is Picente who is out to get anyone who disagrees with his positions. Picente has alienated Cuomo so is it no wonder that the Marcy Nano center at SUNY is on hold? Whether we like it or not personalities matter when it comes to politics. And this area is going to suffer due to Picente's childish behaviour when dealing with power broker's who hold the key to major projects such as the Nano center at SUNY. It is time for Picente to go.

Anonymous said...

What Mr. Picente did (through the Republican Party) against Mrs. Mandryck, Republic Commission - Oneida County of Electdions was deplorable.

I hope she sticks to her guns and seeks Picente's removal from public office.

Silence Dogood said...

The Emperor had the gall to attend a Republican fundraiser in New Hartford Monday. The blood from the double stabbing he and his buddy the apple farmer did to NH in the last 2 weeks is still dripping from his knife sheath.

Republicans use the elephant for a reason: Because of long memories. Looooong memories. Something to remember for the years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Tony will be re-elected by a wide margin. By election time this will all be forgotten.

AND - Who will be a true candidate to run against him? NOBODY. Biggest problem is the 2 party system which only identifies Republican or Democrat to run.

Only way to get Tony out is to ask Destito to find him a job in Albany.

Anonymous said...

Will the voters, particularly in New Hartford, finally wake up?

Anonymous said...

How do these guys look now? Tenney should hope they endorse her opponent in the general election.