Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No No Nano ...

When will SUNYIT nanocenter materialize in Marcy?
Since the respective announcements in 2008 and 2009 of $27.5 million for a Center for Advanced Technology, or CAT, and $45 million Computer Chip Commercialization Center, or Quad-C, projected starts to the project regularly have been pushed back. A source close to the project, however, said the delays were for a good reason: The scope of the project has grown, and the construction group, which is expected to be named soon, had to go back and alter the plans. That announcement is expected this fall, according to the source.
This is starting to sound like Destiny USA.


Anonymous said...

We hope not but one cannot help but be skeptical. Destiny is even a joke as it is. They have added some restaurants and broken down outlet type stores which do nothing to enhance the experience there. In fact, it lessens.

Silence DoGood said...

Don't you think that this is odd? If they had to alter plans to make it larger don't you think every political person would have been looking for a WKTV photo opp say "this is going to be even bigger and better". Instead we have Sen Griffo asking for an updated time line. It doesn't add up again. I would at least think they would have EDGE saying keep your hopes up we are still working on the wetlands permit for seperate unnamed chip plant. If I recall the OD had a story last week about we are coming down to the wire on the next generation facility and all the political people are leaning on the Army Corp of Engineers to get a permit....Mistake. Lets see--- make them the bad guys because we did't follow the rules and then expect them to fall into line with political pressure?
I have some Facebook stock I want to sell you.

buzzer said...

I knew it.. There was no description for the "customer" that was moving in, and how they talk about it... two support services. One is a high-falutin' custodial company that help create clean rooms, and the other is an IT outfit. No customers that are actual chip designers/producers.
So where will these chip fab engineers come from? SUNYIT? Oh WAIT... we don't even have a Computer Engineering degree at SUNYIT, much less a Masters or PhD program! But which school has one? Hmmmm... maybe... the one in Albany? Gasp!
How about this: SUNYIT should have a Computer Engineering degree (not CET) with several hundred PhDs graduating and then we'll probably get some attention and a legitimate company.
Also, we need to demolish all the old houses and build some new apartments that AREN'T exclusive to elderly customers. Otherwise, the employees will buy up houses in Syracuse instead, and bring their hard-earned dollars out of Utica and into Onondaga County.