Thursday, August 30, 2012

County to Kill Businesses ...

... for a parking lot!

Under the proposal, the county would buy three businesses on the south side of Elizabeth Street, raze them and build a parking lot with around 160 spaces
1) Who makes up the lost property tax to Utica?
2) Who makes up the lost sales tax to Utica?
3) Who makes up the lost jobs to Utica?
4) What makes up for the three fewer reasons to come to downtown Utica?

Add this to lost businesses for the Arterial remake ... and the new bus transfer station...

And this city and county wonder why Utica can't make ends meet!


Anonymous said...

These guys never give up. The city is practically insolvent so where is the over $1 million that the city will be on the hook for supposed to come from? You guessed it! The sucker's who will have to dig deeper to support Picente's irresponsible grab of Utica businesses. Let's see Picente's medical examiner plan will cost a fortune, the 911 center fiasco costing a fortune, the newfangled airport costing a fortune, etc., etc. Does Picente have any idea what he's doing?

Anonymous said...

There is a small parking lot located next to the county building that is closed. Why? and there is room to expand it. You don't need 160 more spaces. Work with what you have Picente.