Sunday, December 04, 2011

The OTHER Arterial Street Cut-Off

2008-0611-1041pMuch has been made of the "wall" and the State's proposal to cut off Sunset Avenue and Warren Street at the Arterial so they no longer have access to or across the State's Highway.

Practically unnoticed is the OTHER street cut off that the Arterial project will cause -- a street which neither connects to nor crosses the Arterial:  The northern-most block of Lincoln Avenue will be cut off from Court Street, because the intersection has been deemed too close to the exit ramp of the proposed Court Street interchange.  Where will the traffic go?

Roberts Street

Lincoln Ave will be terminated at Roberts St., and its traffic carried over one block of Roberts St to its intersection with State St.

Have you ever been to Roberts Street?  It's a "funky" little street that you might stumble upon by accident when walking about Downtown. There are a couple interesting things there in that one block.  Someone has a garage with cool-looking orange doors which I photographed a few years ago.  Shades of Mondrian? Perhaps not.  But a pleasant surprise during a lunchtime walk.   Neptune Studio is there, too, though it might currently be undergoing some rearranging per its website.

One thing that you cannot miss, however, is that the street is exceedingly narrow. . . barely two lanes with parking limited to one side.

What makes planners think it is a good idea to reroute Lincoln Ave. over Roberts Street?

Is this fair to abutting property owners?

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