Friday, December 02, 2011

A Closed Club at the New Hartford Library . . .

Entertainment courtesy of the folks at New Hartford OnLine . . .

I thought it was interesting how a member of the Library Board could assert that the Library was not subject to the 2% tax cap, refuse to produce the documentation to back up her point, and then be backed up by the chair of the meeting.

I guess only "insiders" are entitled to information in New Hartford.

And this crew expects to take take their board into public elections? I can't wait for the campaigns to begin!

Meanwhile, New Hartford OnLine, as usual, documents its sources.


Anonymous said...

Who is this DuRoss woman?

Dave said...

She could be right. But read the applicability section for Special Districts (including libraries.)
Here's the url:

The way I read it, a library is a Special District and if they tax for revenue they are subject to the cap. But if their budget falls into another taxing authority (e.g. town) who is subject to the 2% cap, then the library in that case would not specifically be capped.

The only other exclusion from the tax cap I see is:
"A special district that raises revenue solely through fees based on use is not subject to the tax levy limit (2% cap.)"

Are either of those the case for NH?

Strikeslip said...

NH library is in transition between forms.

My understanding is that currently the NH library is under the Town, thus it is not specifically capped... but the Town is capped which could affect what the Town is willing to give to the library.

However, my understanding is that this particular library board is trying to recharter itself to be separate from the Town and be supported by its own tax. That subjects them to the cap.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the videotape, Trustee Edmund Wiatr was asking the question as it pertained to the library "Rechartering" not how the library is currently funded.

Library Trustee and Board President Linda Romano was refusing to provide documentation to Trustee Wiatr who was merely asking a question. The arrogance and demeanor of her actions should send shock waves to the community.

One should be concerned over what this Library Board of Trustees is hiding from the public.

Town residents residing within the New Hartford School District will be burdened with another tax due to the frivolous spending by a Library Board of Trustees who have no concern for their constituents.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of these two women are what get to you. Asking a simple question gets a condescending response. The other members just sit there. Exactly how many members do you need if this is how things are run? Add to that the finance committee issue and you've got to wonder what planet these people live on.

Anonymous said...

More disturbing is the fact that no one seemed to have answers to the question at hand in writing. Is there not a legal/governmental source that would guide the board? Is not Romano an attorney?

Tirgen said...

Linda Romano is not only an attorney, she too, is Bond Counsel for Bond, Schoeneck & King for the New Hartford School District.

Her legal "guidance" is questionable at best. However, the Library Board would follow her off a wooden plank on a ship that was in the middle of the ocean. Why?

One only has to review the many videotapes taken by New Hartford New York Online. They are telling in and of themselves.

Is it no wonder why they refuse to give Trustee Wiatr the records he has asked for?

Anonymous said...

Is it a conflict for a board member to be an employee of a firm that does business with the town and school board? Is it a conflict when a bond counsel works for a company or companies who receive tax exempt bonds and tax breaks? The entire landscape sounds incestuous. Big surprise around here!