Monday, November 07, 2011

Bait and Switch . . .

Looks like my congratulations to the Common Council for "doing the right thing" was premature.

Per the OD today, Mr. Zecca changed his resolution at the last minute to gut its meaning.
But after several meetings, Zecca said it became clear the state is proceeding
with the $62.5 million plan, which will include replacing the aging bridge
over Columbia Street.
. . . Instead, the council unanimously approved a
resolution Wednesday urging the state to put together a long-term plan for the rest of the Arterial after the current project is finished.

To so significantly change and pass the resolution after it was discussed the night before with totally different wording is "bait and switch" and borders on dishonesty.

The public was entitled to an up or down vote on the resolution as originally drafted, so voters can decide which councilmen will stand up for Utica residents and which do not.

The whole lot should be sacked tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Zecca & the CC have shown their true colors. The whole lot of them are as corrupt as the day is long. What a pathetic bunch of so called "public servants".