Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tilt-a-Whirl!! . . .

. . . And you thought they were just constructing a Roundabout on Oneida Square.

Especially enjoyable will be that feeling of centrifugal force as you speed up from the 30 MPH City speed limit to slingshot around the circle as you go from Genny to State St or Genny to Oneida St.

I can't wait. When do the tickets go on sale?

9/22/11 Noontime Update:
The 35MPH signs have been replaced with 15MPH signs. Either someone is reading this blog or someone is on the ball! A funny thought, though, while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

driving in this area taking the detours I am appaled by the housing conditions in the neighborhood of the detours.How this expenditure for the roundabout can be justified by the city government is just mystifying.. The political hopefuls continually call for businesses to come into Utica I suggest that they take a serious look around the city and see just what a broken down mess they are running. Our politicians need to get out of town and look at cities and areas that ARE attracting business and jobs and get a reality check ,Utica is a third world nation compared to areas that haven't lost their way.

RPP said...

I recently attended a lecture at which the speaker stated that people and ideas must precede brick and mortar. He was saying that our investments must be in inteectual capital as opposed to "projects" that have no bearing on our ultimate condition. The Roundabout joins the list of many local projects financed with taxpayer dollars that will not matter a lick to the posperity of this community.

Silence Dogood said...

Well said !!! I am afraid we are approaching the point of no return.
I sometimes ask myself why I stay other than family reasons. We don not need another lecture on the quality of life, we need good solid jobs. How many years do you here EDGE, county executives, mayors make promises and find they are unfulfilled, 20, 30 years? Now ask yourself the question are these the same players just in different jobs or working for someone who benefits from this. Folks it isnt going to change without a lot of effort by people who care.