Monday, August 08, 2011

Shooting the Messenger . . .

From the Right: George Will: We’ve Learned Nothing From Standard & Poor’s

And from the Left: ‘Stunning Lack of Knowledge’: Geithner Slams S & P for Showing ‘Terrible Judgment’

Guess that means S & P must be on to something.


RPP said...

I've never seen a White House bunch whose only answer time after time is to level blame elsewhere. They are simply neither competent nor grown up.

Silence Dogood said...

Some asked me today what is the average person suppose to do in these times. My answer was a simple one, don't give up on yourself and the ability you have to control how your life is. Live simply and wisely, help your children, your elderly parents and take care of yourself. Then hold all elected officals and those seeking office accountable. When they talk in grand statements like we need jobs, ask them give you specific examples of how they plan to do this. Statements like invest in schools and infrastructure....Ask them what that means. Ask them what bills or programs they will introduce to get that done. If they are hard fast on no compromise they shouldnt be in office. We have the power of the vote and as people of this great society need to tell anyone who will listen that our society will no longer be great if we do not work together to resolve these issues.