Thursday, August 18, 2011

Numbering the Corporate Welfare Days . . .

One can only hope that the days of taxpayer-funded corporate welfare are coming to a close. James Ostrowski's lawsuit against numerous state officials, agencies, and corporate-welfare recipients to end the freebies has been percolating through the courts and will be heard by the New York State Court of Appeals on October 12, 2011.  A big rally is planned for Albany that day.

Government funds going to the politically connected (i.e., state capitalism) has poisoned the marketplace, rewarded defective business models, discouraged competition, and cost the taxpayers dearly.  It must be ended if New York State, and now the nation, are ever to return to robust economic health.

New Hartford Online has all the details on the lawsuit

Thank you Mr. Ostrowski for taking this on! 


Anonymous said...

I wonder what will become of the New Hartford Business Park, EDGE, and the OCIDA?

Did anyone read the article about the Rome School Superintendent and Board who were not in favor of the OCIDA PILOT? It is high time these people put an end to the cronyism.

RPP said...

It is time to restructure and limit both the EDGE and OCIDA. The EDGE"s performance from any standard of cost/ benefit is woefully inadequate often bordering on the laughable. Yet it seems to be uncaccountable, particularly by the county executive and board of legislators. Both it's taxpayer funding and scope of authority should be dramatically changed and replaced. The OCIDA which started as a positive arm of development to be used in limited circumstnaces has evolved to pass out tax breaks like candy regardless of true, positive economic impact. It, too must be changed and limited.