Saturday, April 09, 2011

Budget Breakthrough . . . or Scam?

Mark Levin on Cavuto had a bit to say on yesterday's "breakthrough" . . .

So did Karl Rove (who is full of it, but Greta seems to understand what's at stake) .

What happens when the next stop toward our fiscal train-wreck is reached, the debt ceiling?  Will the Republicans approve using more debt to pay for ongoing programs? Is that why they were sent to Washington?  Will we ever reach anything even approaching Paul Ryan's budget (which might not even go far enough in spending cuts) when the next budget is due?

Our government continues to export our productivity, making it harder for people to find work. Our government burns our food as fuel in cars. Our government ignores costs in money and to our culture of programs which address "social issues" because to consider otherwise would be "divisive." Our government tries to regulate every aspect of our lives.  Our government insists on policing the world, but fails to police our borders. Etc. Etc.

Ultimately, our government pays for its malfeasance by stealing the value of the savings of its citizens by printing money.

When does it stop? 

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RPP said...

Unfortunately, the answer will not be available until the 2012 elections.