Thursday, April 14, 2011

Astroturf 'R' Us . . .

This is why taxpayers are losing sympathy for teachers.

The students should be in class . . . not on a picket line.

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Brother Jesse said...

Well, as a student who went through Our Lady of Lourdes in South Utica in the 1950's with 56 mates in one classroom and came out able to solve algebra word problems (but only when the car from Detroit was going slower than the car from Pittsburgh), I would naturally wonder why a teacher feels more than 17 kids in her classroom are too many. Of course, that's without considering the near martyrdom of Sister Majestyeria, who entered a rest home early the next year. And having found myself in a classroom with 26 junior criminals some 40 years later, I have to admit that four decades of administrative "embellishments" by the state made teaching much more of a job than long ago.

Still, you're right. A warden's inmates are not the most believable spokesmen for his deserving to keep his job. Someone could wonder if the kids are prejudiced.