Thursday, July 22, 2010

Master Disaster 5: Re-Education Camps, Anyone? . . .

If you want to feed at the public trough, NOTHING beats getting into the education business.  After all, there is always something that people don't know.   So a way of "creating jobs" would be to come up with reasons for people to learn things, and then ask government to hire people to teach these things.  The beauty of this plan is that it isn't even limited to our school systems. ANYONE can do it!

The draft Utica Master Plan gets an "A++" in creating reasons for education and training programs.

Here's a sampling of proposals that do not include those for the school system . . .

  • "Promote first-time homebuyer education." (p 28).
  • "Provide guidance and training for committee members in purpose, types, and legalities of zoning"  (p 28)  
  • "Provide guidance and training for committee members in purpose, types and legalities of codes and contractor licensing"(p.29)
  • "Provide Education and Training" related to promotion of the Green Building & Home Rehabilitation in its neighborhoods by incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Neighborhood Development principles, particularly "education and training of key design and construction personnel." (p 30).
  • "Provide guidance and training for committee members in four important CPTED design guidelines: Natural Surveillance, Natural Access Control, Territorial Reinforcement, and Maintenance "(p. 30).
  • "Provide education/training for homeowners and residents on property maintenance and code regulations requirements, and compliance." (p. 33)
  • "Provide seminars/workshops for leadership training, community development, code enforcement, and public safety." (p. 33)
  • "Provide guidance and training for citizen advisory committee members" in relation to development of a Community Improvement District (p. 34).
  • "Develop a tourism marketing plan and a tourism-readiness training program for staff in tourism industries and downtown business owners. (p.45) ... "and the community at large"(p.61)
  • "Develop a parking education and signage strategy for downtown" (p. 47)
  • "Enhance the current farmers market to include more components of the “Slow Food Movement,” using local farmers currently involved in the movement. Add educational components . . ." (p. 59)
With all the education and training "opportunities" in the Utica Master Plan, could there be Re-Education Camps in our future . . .
                                 . . . for those of us who think that this is just a lot of 'hooey' ?


Anonymous said...

But, look at all the new jobs that could be gained through hiring those to train and educate the rest of us. Call it stimulus.The more one reads of the master plan, the more comical it is.

Fake Mike Arcuri said...

I don't think you truly appreciate just how wonderful all these jobs are. Not only are there endless opportunities to educate people, but the right kind of people will be doing the educating.

And by "right" I mean members of the friends and family plan, because they obviously know what works. Just look at the great job they're already doing!

Yet another reason you need to get me re-elected.