Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Good and the Bad ...

The Good: New Hartford Town Board eliminates Police Commission.

The Police Commission was too "in bed" with the Police Department to be effective as a watchdog . . . with out of control costs and the commitment of Town resources via agreements with private businesses the result. The Commission had to go.

The Bad: New Hartford Town Board eliminates Police Commission with no advanced notice or opportunity for public input.

So much for the new "transparency" that was promised.


Anonymous said...

The tendancy of government to make decisions, many very important to our futures, without full public airing and discussion is most alarming. The New Hartford decision was made without proper discussion, examination or involvement by the public.Special meetings and other forums could have been held weeks ago. Even those who wish to save money ought to understand the front line importance of the public safety function and the need not to act in haste or vacume when making decisions that impact this critical function.

Anonymous said...

It's all good. How can we have transparency with a Police Commission that has grown cloudy (Philo's influence) over the years? The Supervisor was perfectly justified (tax increase)in wiping the slate clean. I can only hope he does the same for other issues that the previous Supervisor and Board didn't have the testicular fortitude to say no during the last four years.

I'm behind Tyksinski 100% because he's doing what we elected him to do, eliminate unnecessary expenditures and refocus the Town's priorities. It's about time we have a qualified professional at the helm and not some celebrity boob running the show.

Anonymous said...

Good for the NEW Supervisor. He's got the stones to do what he thinks is right.

As far as the bad, Who knows how long it would have taken to get rid of the police commission anyway. Glad he just got rid of it without the public input.

The NHPD is in for a rude awakening. Their Earl Greed money printing machine has vanished, and they dont have the unlimited spedning that they are used to.

Crazy Horse said...


Did you see what was written about you? Is this true?

Anonymous said...

No politician should act without adequate public input. Look at Empire Air.