Thursday, October 08, 2009

Global Warming: The Truth Will Set You Free . . .

We have been asked to accept higher electricity prices (and will probably have to take more powerlines) in Upstate NY from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, supposedly to combat Global Warming. Now we will have to accept more economic impacts on a national level from "Cap-and-Trade" (though they are changing the name of this scheme to be distracting) again to combat Global Warming.

Every time you turn on the TV it seems, another "sign" is presented that Global Warming is upon us.  

But what you don't hear are stories like this one from World Climate Report:  Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era.

It apparently is "too inconvenient" for the media to report that Antarctic Ice is melting (during the southern summer) at its lowest rate in almost 30 years.  If you mentally draw a line on the chart, you can see a downward trend over the time period.

Folks, you will find more skeptics among geologists because they have studied the "rock record" that spans eons of time. When present day data is placed in context, climate permutations seen over the last century are not that alarming.  

But the public has been alarmed . . . because the public has been given only the information that favors the POLITICAL views of those who would control the world's economy for their own self interest.    

The Truth will Set You Free.


Greens and Beans said...

Can they repossess the Noble Piece Prize from Al Gore and give to someone who deserves it now? PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Globalwarming projections are not scientific fact. Science is certainty, global warming is an estimated prediction based on many variables. It is a shame to base costly responses on uncertain assumptions. The issue, as health care reform, is a political one involving the control and allocation of resources and the relationship between the individual and the state.