Sunday, September 27, 2009

But What About the Environmental Impacts?

Per Today's OD: Unused developer fees spur other problems. Again, the story is about what has happened to all the Fees In Lieu of Mitigation collected by the Town of New Hartford from developers over the last 15-20 years. Where was the money? Does the Town have to return the money? When does the money have to be returned? Where are the agreements that specify the when or where about collecting, spending and returning the money?

Money, MONEY, MONEY . . . Typical New Hartford Fixation.

Why isn't anyone raising a stink about the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS that those monies were intended to mitigate? Why isn't anyone raising a concern about the PEOPLE who may have been affected by the unmitigated environmental impacts from New Hartford's development?

Just Askin . . .


Anonymous said...

Would have been money to be used for the business park instead of bonding?
Now what is up with the Rt 5 construction fiasco? Seems like all of the road improvements were done after the fact. I think there is more to this story. Whose going to pay for the 12" water main to be moved. Seems as though it is only about 2 ft deep..Who put that in??

Yakim said...


I read your reference to the Colonie Audit:

"During the course of this audit, certain matters have come to our attention relative to use of Townemployees and equipment to improve property owned by a private club. These matters will bediscussed in a separate audit report."

When do these crooks start going to Jail?

clipper said...

I may be way off base but could some of this money, deposited by the developers building along Commercial Drive, be directed to mitigate the flooding problems in the Royalbrook Lane area? Is that the sort of thing that the money is supposed to be used for?