Friday, September 18, 2009

A Long Time Coming . . .

"State 'evaluating' audit possibility for New Hartford" reads the O-D Headline. We can only hope that an audit comes through. While the local media just recently seems to have taken an interest in what might be going on behind closed doors in New Hartford, those of us following the day-to-day action know that things have not been right for years.

Republican council members Christine Krupa and David Reynolds did not directly address the Comptroller’s Office comments in their e-mailed responses to the O-D’s questions.

Krupa said the town’s fiscal problems related directly to the elimination of the town comptroller’s position in 2001.

“I believe that each member of the current Town Board recognizes the need for an experienced municipal finance person, and will ensure that we have one on the payroll, should that particular qualification be absent in the next town supervisor,” she said in an e-mail.

No, Ms. Krupa. NH's fiscal problems have nothing to do with eliminating a comptroller ... because NH's problems are way beyond fiscal.

NH had the best financial "advice" that money could buy -- to the tune of about $150,000. Taxpayers still don't know what they got for this expenditure . . . . and we still see the fiscal problems.

What about The Hartford Building somehow being approved by the Business Park review board when the building was located outside the Business Park? A comptroller would have nothing to do with that decision . . . but someone obviously benefited from the decision.

What about all the storm water problems that seem to plague the Town in areas of new developments? A comptroller would have nothing to do with those either ... but some people obviously were benefited when these developments were approved with insufficient storm water mitigation ... while others have been injured.

And why did the Town Board close the Storm Water Management Group's meetings to the public right after someone started asking questions why Taxpayers were being required to fix problems that were traceable to specific developments?

No, Ms. Krupa. NH's fiscal (and other) problems have nothing to do with eliminating a comptroller. Rather, they are the result of a government that has become arrogant and corrupt.


Anonymous said...

One of the most telling aspects of our disfunctional town government is that the Reed's and Krupa's seem to revel in issueing very stupid statements. They would do themselves a favor by not commenting except to immediately resign.

clipper said...

That is a very astute observation, and would certainly simplify life in NH considerably. Amazing how a simple statement such as yours could return life to normal for thousands of taxpayers if it were heeded.