Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to Joe . . .

A new blogger has joined the local blogging scene who may be familiar to some of you -- Joe Bottini, who used to write an education column in the Observer-Dispatch. From a recent post:
Most schools however, are not in dire need of cash. They are in dire need of a seriousness of purpose, structure and an appropriate behavior modification program.

Schools have become too user friendly with few of the elements that kept them on a serious path for years. . . .
Interesting stuff!
Welcome, Joe, to the blogosphere! We're looking forward to your postings on the education scene.


Anonymous said...

Not being near enough to learn of your local news I'd appreciate it if you'd do a follow-up now and again. For instance; what happened with the New Hartford vote?

Ryan M said...

Think about the way educators frame school spending issues. An OD article in January discussed how most Oneida and Herkimer County school districts spend less per pupil than the state average:

Using New York state as the unit of comparison when writing about educational quality is misleading. From the article, you'd think our poor children didn't stand a chance at learning without special programs, and that Proctor didn't have a television in every classroom. A better title for the article would have been, “Local schools spend nearly twice the national average on education,” which did receive attention in one line near the end.

Similarly, when the rising number of administrators in UCSD drew attention a few years ago, it was justified by UCSD by comparing Utica to similar districts like Rochester, Syracuse, and Schenectady. As if those are the places Utica is competing with and losing jobs to. It would be useful for OD writers to use more nation wide educational comparisons to better inform their readers.