Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just Say No In New Hartford . . .

February 10 is approaching, and New Hartfordians have an opportunity to cast their vote on bonding for the New Hartford Business Park. . . . Please . . .


  • to more roads, water and sewer lines to maintain . .
  • to more area to police, more area to cover with fire protection
  • to more traffic, congestion and noise . . .
  • to reductions in agricultural land, wildlife habitat, open space, and orchards

JUST SAY NO to Urban Sprawl

JUST SAY NO to 'Bait and Switch' . . .

  • When the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the New Hartford Business Park was issued in 1999, it was promoted as a site for industrial use, for "new high-technology industries" intended to "meet the economic needs of the entire region . . ." Instead, we are getting more office buildings and a hotel . . . things that the region already has plenty of.

JUST SAY NO to SEQRA Violations . . .

JUST SAY NO . . . to the government playing favorites

  • This office building gets a subsidy but others in the region do not . . .


  • to the real estate developers, national chains, lobbyists, and public finance lawyers who are the only ones that really benefit from this project.
JUST SAY NO . . . for your neighbors' sake . . .

JUST SAY NO . . . for your own sake, to preserve what you moved to New Hartford for.

JUST SAY NO . . . to arrogant public officials who will force a tax increase down your throat if you vote down their plan.

The wrongness of this plan and the manner in which it is being advanced is symptomatic of the way this entire region is governed, which is for the benefit of special interests. The taxpayers will continue to be ignored, put upon, robbed and stepped on by our local leaders -- and the region will continue to decline -- unless we put a stop to them.

J U S T * S A Y * N O ! ! ! ! !

Cathy at NH Online Blog has a lot more reasons for voters to Just Say NO.


clipper said...

Strike, I agree one hundred percent. I don't like to post or link someone elses blog without specific permission, but PLEASE, if you don't mind, link this on Clipper's Corner.

This is a critical vote to ALL New Hartford citizens and taxpayers. ALL need to be apprised and educated before the vote, and ALL need to get out and vote against this bonding.

While the bonding only effects NH residents, the sprawl and other issues affect the whole area.

It is time for taxpayers to step in and put a stop to the shenanigans that have been the face of NH government for the last few years.

Their foolishness and poor planning have not only had an effect on NH, but on anyone wanting to drive through that congested mess. I personally shopped everywhere BUT New Hartford while I was in town recently, because of the ridiculous and dangerous congestion and poor traffic flow. Whoever designed the traffic patterns for Consumer Square was either a total moron, or had a very sick sense of humor. That place is a joke. A friend told me that it takes longer to get out of the parking lot, than it does to shop.

Time to stop the underhanded development in NH, and promote other parts of the area. There are opens spaces on the North, East, and West sides of the city, as well as within the city itself.

Build it somewhere besides NH and THEY WILL COME!

Anonymous said...

Your position is admirable but a no vote will mean a tax increase. That makes no sense. A more feasible response is a yes vote with a memory lasting until the next series of town elections.

Anonymous said...

By the next series of town elections the town could be even more in debt!

$1.7 million for a new town court

$3-4 million for the intersection on 840

$926,800 to pay off other Bond Anticipation Notes plus $2 million for Stormwater in Bond Anticipation Notes are due March 5, 2009...see Fiscal Advisors...the town hasn't told anyone about those yet.

How do you think they will repay those debts if not by raising taxes?

A "YES" vote will tell the town board that you don't mind them going behind your back to spend money and then asking for your approval AFTER the money has been spent.

Sorry, I will vote "NO"!

Capt Morgan said...

Is it true that New Hartford Town Residents are living on or near a Toxic Waste Dump:

I read the following:

If true, then my property is worthless and I am worth nothing.

We need someone to bring suit against Earle Reed and all it's elected officials who kept this from the public.

Where was the Utica Observer Dispatch? How come they did not let town residents know of the caustic chemicals that cause cancer and seeped into the ground water acquifers?

Anonymous said...

A no vote on the bond issue will not stop the project or the expenditures.So, the entire question is wether it will be paid with a large short term tax increase or a long term bond debt retirement incremental tax increase.That is the box the taxpayers are in. No amount of anger will change that. A no vote is the proverbial locking of the barn door after the horses have escaped.

Strikeslip said...

I have to strongly disagree with the previous comment.

First, a NO vote will not commit us to a tax increase in five years . . . The public will have another opportunity to bond for the balance due (if it cannot find a way to legally void the agreement) AFTER it removes the present town supervisor and each and every board member that voted for this monstrosity.

Second, a NO vote will be a clear message to those in office that town residents will not tolerate any more expansion of town government and/or infrastructure. . . If the town board does not get the message, expect torches, pitchforks tar and feathers to follow!!!!!