Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Tale of Two Valleys . . .

A "banner ad" a few days ago on led me to explore what Lehigh Valley, PA has to offer.

Compare Lehigh Valley's promotion with our local Call Mohawk Valley Home promotion. See the difference? Lehigh Valley prominently displays the names of its three biggest cities:

"Allentown * Bethlehem * Easton"

I did not know where the Lehigh Valley is, but do know something about Allentown and Bethlehem. . . and now I might want to visit those places because I know they are not a long drive from here.

The Mohawk Valley??? You gotta dig deep on the CMVH site to figure out that it is talking about "Utica * Rome * Herkimer."

Is CMVH's failure to prominently display "Utica * Rome * Herkimer" on its banners and promotions more evidence of an "Anti-Utica Bias" at work?

Who knows?

But it certainly is not helpful to those who might be interested in coming here . . . and does nothing to tap into Utica's unrecognized community pride . . . the pride that makes the Boilermaker such a success . . . or people so upset at a Queens Congressman's innocent remark.

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