Friday, December 05, 2008

Figured It Out in NH . . .

It struck me as a bit odd that the New Hartford Town Board held its recent meeting in New York Mills, a village that straddles the Town line. I could not remember when the last time that happened was.

It seemed even odder considering that N.Y. Mills residents feel that New Hartford only takes money from them, giving nothing in return. NYM residents pay NYM for their services . . . Anything provided by the Town is an unneeded duplication. NYM has its own parks, its own police, its own fire department, its own library, its own Clerk, its own Assessor, its own Court, does its own planning, takes care of its own storm water problems, etc. etc.. So why should NYM residents pay for new Town offices?

Was the New Hartford Town Board taking a bold step to open the lines of communication with NYM residents, going where the opposition would be most likely, to explain to them how they would benefit from a new New Hartford Town Building? From that perspective, one could be impressed with the Town Board's action!

The impression quickly wears off when one considers the impact of the Town's proposal on the OTHER village lying within the town: the Village of New Hartford.

If this project is approved:
  1. The Town subsidy to the Village for using the Village's Butler Hall would likely end. (A financial hit to the Village.)
  2. The Village of New Hartford would have a significant piece of property removed from its tax rolls. (Another financial hit.)
  3. A certain criminal element would be brought into the Village when court is in session, only steps away from popular spots such as Cavallos, Georgios, and Peters Cornucopia. (A triple whammey).

The Town Board could not have held its meeting in the New Hartford Village Hall without these issues sticking out like sore thumbs . . . and without the ABSENCE of Village officials from the meeting being embarrassingly apparent. In that environment, a NYM venue for the meeting would be a cakewalk.

Figured it out!


Anonymous said...

Peter's isnt in NH Village anymore. Moved out almost 3 years ago.

Strikeslip said...

Shows you how often I get down to the Village since Route 840 went in.

Anonymous said...

Surprised I must have missed this post Strike. When does it end? Are the people who point out how Town NH acts and schemes crazy or do they continue because they don't think people (like you here) will spot it and speak up? Are they arrogant, dense, or ignorant that half the local internet crowd just reads them like a book?