Thursday, March 20, 2008


As some people predicted, Marcy-South is now being touted as a less costly, less impactive alternative to the original power line route proposed by NYRI.

A couple other related stories this week:
NYers get $hocked -- a story about NYC ConEd's bills being 63% higher than Upstate's . . .
and Once a Defender of Indian Point, the State Pushes to Close It.

So let's see what this adds up to . . . Downstaters don't want the risk of Nuclear power in their back yard and have already prevented one new nuke plant from opening. (They also want to close coal burning plants and also don't want a liquified natural gas terminal). They pay higher costs than Upstaters (and apparently don't see a connection between higher costs and fewer plants). Now they want to close the one major Downstate nuke plant left ... which will create a power shortage. Will their power costs go up or down?

What is the solution? . . . Why, stick all the impacts of power generation and transmission Upstate, of course. "No one" lives there. . . . at least that is what they seem to be saying.

What does Upstate get out of this? Nada . . .Actually less than Nada because our power costs, which are already much higher than our competitors for jobs such as Ohio or PA (in spite of Upstate's abundance of hydropower facilities), will go even higher. The fact that our current power costs are so high (even with hydropower) is likely the result of policies controlled by . . . Downstaters.

At some point, Upstaters are going to react to Downstaters constantly shoving these things down our throats . . . and it won't be pretty.


Anonymous said...

Secession is looking better every day! Perhaps if we were to formulate our own State, we would be able to charge downstate accordingly for our abundant power they see as their private stockpile of energy entitlement. Notwithstanding all of the Indian Nations tax exemptions, we would be free to prosper unencumbered by the hidden tax levies and environmental indifference that downstate imposes on us.

Anonymous said...

What Indian tax exemptions? The only ones who are tax exempt are those that are actually Indian. There are less than 500 whole and fractional Oneida Indians left in Central New York. Many of them have nothing to do with dictator Halbritter and get nothing from the casino. They also pay taxes if they aren't living on state land. In fact, there are less than 5,000 fractional or whole Indians left who have any roots to New York tribes, yet we give those few billions in aid in spite of the casino money, failure to pay taxes on cigarettes and gas for the sale to non-Indians. Interestingly, much like corrupt governments around the world, the few self-appointed tribal leaders take all the money while the masses get little or none. Our own federal government allows this injustice. Anyone who dares to object to the leaders, is banished and gets nothing from the tribe -- as Halbritter said, "that is the only way we can control treason and sedition." The first Amendment is not recognized by these people.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on OIN. Your posts make your ignorance of the situation loud and clear.