Monday, October 22, 2007

Goodbye and Good Luck

Some of us wondered why Gear at CNY Snakepit had been silent in recent weeks. . . concerned even. Looks like he and his significant other have been making plans ... to move away.
A lot of things influenced our final decision, but the most telling was the increasing dysfunction of both our local and state politics. Put simply, our political class is totally devoid of even the most rudimentary leadership ability. The consistent refusal to control tax growth, even as the area undergoes a population loss of almost biblical proportions, means the increasingly small population here will be burdened with higher and higher costs. That feedback loop, unchecked, will produce a death spiral of ever shrinking populations and ever escalating taxation.
I can not blame him for leaving.

Read more in his post "Love it or Leave It."

Good Bye, Good Luck, and Keep in Touch.


Anonymous said...

That's too bad. Texas, huh? I wouldn't choose Texas, but I've heard good things about it. It's sad that so many people, including us, are leaving or have left NY. I love CNY. Wish we could live there, but economically....well, you know. Although, we live in NC now, and while NC is much better off economically, our city is almost out of water! I'm not sure what's going to happen if this continues. At the rate it's going we'll be totally out of water...nothing to drink or bathe with, by February. If that happens, all the CNYers who moved here might just be heading back! :-o

Rebecca Mecomber said...

His month-long absence from blogging had me worried he was sick again. I am relieved he is ok, but I'm very saddened to see he is leaving. His insight was always very sharp, and his wit sharper.

Z-- keep blogging and keep us informed of how rosy everything is in Texas, ok? I guess you'll have to change the "CNY" part, tho.

God bless. Godspeed, dear blogger friend!

Gear Of Zanzibar said...

Thanks for the kind words. I really do appreciate them.

Ironically, now that we're heading out the door I've actually felt more motivated to keep writing. Now that I don't have to live with any real consequences I can really lance the boil, so to speak.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

Kim, you won't run out of water, or electricity either. The Higher Powers will see that you don't-- greedy businessmen in cahoots with NY politicians will sell usout and see to it that NY's water and/or "cheap energy" will be funneled down to you guys.

First power lines and--who knows-- next, a towering aqueduct across our properties.

Anonymous said...

everything is rosey in Texas.
toobad he couldn't stary hereCNY and fight for us