Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's Up (or Down) with the N-S Arterial?

Today's OD has a headline "Arterial plan may ease congestion" and tells us of a proposed $40 million project to build a new viaduct over Oriskany Boulevard.
"State officials might construct the new North-South Arterial viaduct west of the existing bridge, state DOT Spokeswoman Alice Romanych said. It's unknown whether nearby buildings could be avoided or would have to be purchased and razed, she said." . . .

"One option that should be considered is to keep the viaduct level with Lafayette and Columbia streets and then raise it over Oriskany Boulevard, Julian said."

Now wait a minute! Didn't we have this discussion back in December and March? Did not the plans for the North-South "Depressway" show the highway connecting to the viaduct in essentially the same location that it is today? If the viaduct will be moved to the west, then what was discussed last winter is out the window. No? Are you confused?

It's up, it's down, it's east, it's west ...

Is someone is trying to confuse the public . . . so they can do what they want?


Anonymous said...

Possible reasons that they would consider going to the west is to allow the construction to occur and still keep the road open. The other and most likely is required to construct the ramps that will access court street from the NEW ELEVATED HIGHWAY. NYSDOT moves in very strict manors, they know exactly the way they want this. How about someone FOILing them to get all the work products to date on the project. The truth is already there. The car has really kicked the city’s ass this year.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to lay odds whether "Empire State Highway Contractors" get a hefty chunk of the work here?

They and their affiliates contributed heavily to Arcuri's campaign, and this move was all predicted long ago by a little blogger known as: NoMoreArcuri