Thursday, July 19, 2007

Positive Press . . .

While we live in one of the most poorly governed, highly taxed, and economically downtrodden regions in the country, many of us stay put . . . and many who have moved away long to come back.

It is nice to be reminded why. A couple articles in the national press do just that.

Yesterday's USA Today had an article about the Adirondack Railroad's canoe train for kayakers. Next month's Reader's Digest will have a six page story about Utica, the "Second Chance City" for refugees. These articles tell us what we often take for granted.

We live in a geographically beautiful area, steeped in history, with a seasonally changing palate of colors and activities. There is always something to see and do. Check out Mrs. Mecomber's New York Traveler for ideas.

We also live in a culturally diverse area -- a welcoming mini-crossroads of the world. This gives us a lot more things to do . . . and to eat! Last weekend was Mt.Carmel/Blessed Sacrament's Italian Festival, the Bavarian Festival starts tomorrow, the Irish-American festival starts a week from tomorrow, St. Mary's Polish Festival in New York Mills follows early next month, and the biggest regional Italian Festival (drawing so many buses from Canada that Canadian currency is legal tender), the Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damien, follows at St. Anthony's Church in Utica in September. We only look forward to when Bosnian, Russian, and Sudanese festivals join the mix.

Some things simply make putting up with the daily nonsense that we do ... all seem worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

What do all these festivals and events have in common? Few is any have any connection to the crazy political process that corrupts these great activities. No manipulation of people for individual gains or photo opp's We do have a great culture in our area and when people work together for a common goal we really shine. These organizations and people deserve all our thanks and support.