Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rudy Awakenings . . .

We thought we knew Rudy Giuliani . . . the capable and brave mayor of New York . . . who took a crime-ridden city and made it safe . . . who guided that city steadily in its darkest hour . . . someone who could get things done.

As Upstaters, our first concern over how he would be as a potential president surfaced with Canadian owned NYRI because Giuliani's firm is one of NYRI's chief lobbyists. This was a surprise because Giuliani always seemed to me a man of the people, not special interests. Of course, lawyers don't always control who their clients are, and it would be unfair to paint them with the same brush.

But today there are more disturbing revelations in World Net Daily. The Giuliani firm is involved with Spanish and Australian investors taking over U.S. highways . . . including participation with the so-called "NAFTA Superhighway." (There are fears in some quarters that the highway is part of a scheme to meld the US, Canada and Mexico into a European-Style Union.) There is also a link to an old Michele Malkin article describing how NYC during Giuliani's reign continued even after 9/11 to be a safe haven for illegal immigrants.

Rudy Giuliani: Man of the People, or Man of Special Interests?

Time will tell.

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Mrs Mecomber said...

I never liked Guilani, because I always saw him as a special-interests pawn. I have also heard of the "North American Union," where it looks like political leaders of the three NA countries are melding the continent into one big super-state, all under the guise of "economics." That, combined with the scathingly open Mexican border, America's unquenchable thirst for oil, and the REAL ID set to begin in 2008, make me very nervous.

I'm still supporting the Constitution-- I support Ron Paul for president.