Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Money . . . Bah!

News 10 Now report that the "Republicans propose big money solution to struggling economy."

Sorry, Republicans, especially Mr. Bruno . . . You have lost all credibility as to your ability to straighten out the Upstate Economy. What exactly did you accomplish in the last 12 years for attracting jobs while you controlled both the Senate and the Governor's Office? In CNY alone in just the last 5 years: Ethan Allen, Oneida Ltd., Carrier, Union Fork, LaSalle Labs . . . . . gone or severely downsized.
"Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and other members of the Republican Conference introduced the ten-point plan that includes business tax credits, infrastructure improvements, and low-cost power for manufacturers."
In other words, they propose more subsidies by taxpayers and ratepayers -- more people and businesses reliant on the politicians for their survival -- more of the same old same old that got us here.

No one ever seems to think that less (government) may mean more.


Mrs Mecomber said...

Sounds like it's all about control, doesn't it??

Think about this: NYS is, for all intents and purposes, literally driving out independent businesses and ambitious workers. For those who are left, both businesses and workers, a beefy program of state-sponsored welfare is offered. The remaining businesses and workers who refuse these handouts face bankruptcy or abject poverty. Taxes in all forms go exponentially high, yet businesses and workers are subsidized in new levels by the system that slowly but surely continues to gain control.

The businesses and workers are under the control of the State. When the State is offered to sell out the remaining lands still belonging to businesses and workers, how can the State refuse and the people object? The people are powerless and the State owns everything. Hello NYRI and goodbye water resource...

Retired said...

When Dan Lowengard endorsed Bruno for the Utica School Board; I knew we were in trouble. What did Lowengard owe Bruno for this endorsement? Maybe, just maybe, his silence on all the improper things done by Lowengard and his pompous followers.

One thing for sure...any group or individual of "power" supporting a candidate leaves me with only one question. Why?

Self perpetuation will be obtained at any cost - without any regard of the cost to the taxpayers. Such has been the case with recent school budget votes. Special interest groups form an alliance with the Devil to ensure self-preservation.

How unfortunate too, that a mere fraction of the eligible voters get out to vote on budgets!