Sunday, August 13, 2006

Observations this past week . . .

Bomb Shelters are being auctioned off by NY, but China is building huge new ones. What do the Chinese know that we don't?

A "Light Calendar" is noted at the new security training center located in the former terminal building at the soon-to-be former Oneida County Airport. This kind of news is not unexpected. We hate to say we told you so.

Not-for Profits are now a $1 Billion "industry" in the MoVa? This shows just how downtrodden we've become. They're not "industry," they're LIFE SUPPORT -- good only until those of us remaining either leave or die off.

Weird Politics. Its funny how the Oneida Dems on their website only give a little window to Leon Koziol (scroll down most of the page to see it) their endorsed candidate for State Senate, while giving John Murad virtually an entire page to himself. Makes one wonder who is the real endorsed candidate?


Anonymous said...

Hi Strike,
All of the endorsed candidates on the web site have about the same amount of space. They share the "Endorsed Candidates" page.
Former state Supreme Court Judge Murad, a lifelong member of the Democratic party and Oneida County Democratic Committeeman for many years, is the only candidate on the "Oneida County Democratic Committee Members Seeking Office" page.
There is quite a bit of free space to fill.
If the situation were reversed, and Murad had been the endorsed candidate, as he would have been until Koziol decided that he wasn't quite ready to run for Congress, Koziol would not have been included on the Oneida County Democratic Committee website as he is NOT a member of the committee.

Strikeslip said...

Hi Bob - Thanks for explaining what happened.

PerfectTosca said...

Hi Strikeslip.
Since China owns most of our debt paper and most of our manufacturing jobs and most of our technology specs with which to build most of our products, who knows, they might have other designs on us.