Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Downstate plays while Upstate pays . . . and No Comment from Meier

The Rome Sentinel reveals that on this dog-day (when the car thermometer read 100 degrees), people in the New York City area were given free access to the State's Long Island Beaches to beat the heat - - - but NOT SO for us Central New Yorkers at the State's Beaches in Verona or at Lake Delta. We got to fork over another $7 per car to Albany. While Sen. Valesky was on the phone trying to get equal treatment for CNY, Sen. Meier's office (where Delta and Verona State Parks are located) had nothing to say about the issue.

Another case where Sen. Valesky seems to be looking out for the average Central New Yorker but Sen. Meier is missing in action is in regards to NYRI. Although Meier was given an OD headline where he criticized a Federal energy commissioner's remarks, and he solicited names of those opposed to NYRI in a recent mailing, the Senator's office is curiously absent from the Active Party List (scroll to pages 8-17) in the NYRI PSC proceeding. Were the senator's public statements against NYRI just window dressing? This proceeding is where "the rubber meets the road," where things really count. Sen. Valesky is there, Sen. Bonacic is there, Assemblymembers Destito and Townsend are there - - but Meier is not.

Interesting . . .

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Anonymous said...

Upstate again gets screwed. I just don't get it.