Friday, July 20, 2018

Short Circuiting Upstate . . . Again

Gov. Cuomo, local representatives in the Senate and Assembly, and local officials who count state dollars spent here as "success,"  spare us your "economic development" schemes that cost NY taxpayers billions of dollars supposedly to lure big jobs to Upstate New York. They haven't worked because you have never addressed any root causes of our businesses leaving.

Instead, if you were really interested in improving the economic conditions Upstate, you would stop harebrained schemes such as this: Governor Cuomo Announces Plan Directing the Procurement of Approximately 800 Megawatts of Offshore Wind to Jumpstart Industry

While this may sound nice, per the Empire Center:
"Upstate New York ratepayers will pick up more than half the multi-billion-dollar tab for a massive offshore wind turbine project that will provide very costly power for Long Island and New York City."
This is just the latest assault on the cost of doing business and living in NY that will have an outsize negative impact on Upstate as compared to Downstate . . . But the Downstaters make all the rules.

For the analysis read "Wind Costs Will Blow North."

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