Saturday, January 13, 2018

Downtown Hospital Revelations: Vass Blog's Take

Michael Vass did a great job comparing statements in FOILed e-mails on the hospital with what was published in local media at the time.  Well worth reading!

Backroom wheeling and dealing in Utica may affect NY-22 and other elections


Greens and Beans said...

Excellent article. It was interesting to discover how some elected officials - along with a local Governor political appointee - conspired to twist the Senator's arm to see matters their way. A sort of "wag the dog" scenario to perpetuate a smoke-filled back room decision to conceal from the public that the hospital's funding was not in jeopardy. But moreover, its Downtown location was already set in granite.

Anonymous said...

The article dropped a few days mostly silence.

In fact, asking around my workplace, which is anecdotal I know, many weren't even aware of its existence beyond a headline--which did not inspire them to read the article further.

Interestingly, when informed of the content, it was largely met with a shrug. Beyond this blog, on social media, there hasn't been much outrage. Brindisi addressed this on Keeler, but I doubt there'll be much more discussion.

Let's face it: garbage in, garbage out.

Anonymous said...

The area public is blasé about mostly everything which is why the same people get elected time after time. It is pretty clear that the average Joe here does not mind at all when elected officials throw their money around pretty much they way they see fit. Look at Utica and the pathetic voting rate.

Anonymous said...

Now Picente wants a beer museum next to the Aud to bring in visitors by the thousands! Isn't that what they said about the Running Hall of Fame which went belly up & was a stones throw from the Aud? A "Beer Museum". Gimme a break.

Picente is getting a big fat raise so he can continue to dream up more fiascos like "Beer Museums".

Anonymous said...

Most would read of a beer museum and think it a joke; not here with our area's politicians.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but it's a craft beer museum! Tourists by the thousands will see the Thruway sign for a craft beer museum & break speed records to get to the Utica exit! Even the teetotalers! It'll be one big family affair, kids & all! And when Mom & Dad get creamed sampling all the craft beer they can stay at Hotel Utica! It's economic development the Picente & EDGE way! Way to go, guys!