Monday, July 17, 2017

The Aud: Still Using Your Money . . .

Saturday's OD celebrated "Multimillion dollar Aud renovations adding suites, boxes, restrooms." It is good to see the Aud brought up to current standards. We can be excited by its modern design and amenities and take pride in having a facility that competes with the best of them in the American Hockey League (AHL).  But there are still some troubling aspects to this deal that we need to think about.

First, it was disappointing that the construction started with no renderings in the media (until now), no public outreach, and little opportunity for public engagement and involvement over the 3+ years the project was being considered (see Aud Authority Minutes).  The Aud is, after all, (1) a building paid for by the Utica taxpayers, (2) an engineering landmark with its cable-suspended roof, and (3) involuntarily subsidized by the customers of the Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA) to the tune of $732,000 annually as a matter of state law with mandated increases into the 2030s.  Reports by Aud Authority accountants make clear that the Aud cannot survive without this subsidy.

Second, luxury suites may be a staple of the AHL, but they seem out of touch for an area that has been in decline, bears some of the highest levels of taxation in the country, and where water-users have no choice but to pay for this.   Like the County's luxurious terminal at Griffiss for the owners of private planes that taxpayers are paying for, it seems that average Joes and Janes are expected to pay for the accouterments of our local elite.

Third, when we were lucky enough to get information on the financing of the project, we were not given the full story.  The OD reported the project as being "helped" by a $5.5M County bond plus a state grant. The Sentinel reported that
The county executive explained it is cheaper for the county to borrow the money than if the Aud obtains the funding on its own. Payments to the county by the Aud will cover the debt service, he said.
We are left with the impression that the County got involved to save the Aud money. We are not told that the Aud Authority has a limitation on bonded indebtedness of no more than $2,000,000 which this project will easily exceed.  So the County is assisting the Aud in exceeding its debt limit! To make matters worse, official documents on the subject seem to be written to conceal this fact.

Read the Board of Legislators' resolution authorizing the bond and County Executive's cover letter (at left). The letter makes one believe that the project is needed to meet building codes and that the suites, etc. are just thrown in as extras. The debt limitation isn't mentioned. The resolution does not mention payments from the Aud Authority at all, but instead speaks of an annual assessment on "lots and parcels of land within said District" without ever identifying the lots, parcels or "District."  Is this just poor draftsmanship, or concealment?

Fourth, the Aud Authority's contracting day-to-day management functions to people who also USE the facility may have allowed a conflict-of-interest. 

It seems that we have created a local government structure which responds more to special interests than to the average person.


Anonymous said...

What a shock! Top down decision making to favor the insiders at the expense of the taxpayer. Why not? The area is dead from the neck up and the politicians sure know it. Well, at least the auditorium has a good deal of use compared to the no airline international airport we finance in Rome.

Anonymous said...

It's election season and the Picente machine is working overtime to elect his stooge rubber stamps.

Hint: Go to the Board of Elections and see how many employees of the County Board somehow found it in their heart to carry petitions for one of the contested seats. The clerk, deputy clerk, secretary and a "data analyst" all carried for Tony Picente's hand-picked rubber stamp.

Talk about a conflict of interest.

Now, do you suppose they all "volunteered" or some other form of "suggestion" was used?

Finally, are you aware that Tony Picente is spending the Indian $ he receives on whatever he wants without legislative approval (other than after the fact)? It's his personal slush fund, millions to spend.

What a way to stay in office forever: Spend the OINk money as election year pork.

Anonymous said...

He's been on the public payroll his entire life. It appears the people do not care a whit about performance or ethics.

Anonymous said...

If the voter's were really informed, they'd send Picente & his cronies packing. But our local media enjoy the status quo so voter's are kept in the dark. Picente should have been shown the door years ago. He's owned by the Oneida's & everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

When Vernon Downs was about to close recently taking a couple hundred with it, there wasn't a peep from Picente! Not a word. I guess Picente was worried that he might offend the Oneida's who he is owned by, instead of the people that are paying his fat overblown salary, plus perks. Why oh why, do people keep voting for this guy? It boggles the mind!