Friday, January 27, 2017

Chips to Screens: Can NYS Pull it Off?

Right away the County announced it would pursue this. (Bravo! "Nothing ventured nothing gained" as they say.) Now, per yesterday's Times Union: New York state is pursuing Foxconn for Utica.

Excellent. When it is state to state competition (which is what we have here), it is too big a deal for O.C. to pursue on its own.

Can NYS pull it off?


Buzzer said...

I'm not optimistic, but I'm hopeful. This needs to go through. Otherwise I suggest turning the nanocenter into a huge multi-floor farmer's market.

Strikeslip said...

Buzzer I feel the same. I am open to the possibility that NY will be played against PA to get a better deal from PA. However, there is something to be said for us having a site that is primed and ready to go NOW. Fourteen years ago O.C. was way ahead in having a site available for a chip fab, but lost to Malta for lack of a wetlands permit and closing a deal early (see my posts from way back then). By 2006 Malta caught up with us. I think those lessons have been learned. But now, as then, timing is everything. Like it or not, Utica-Rome is still a small metro area and cannot offer the same educational and institutional infrastructure as a more populous area. Timing is everything right now because being ready first is a huge advantage.

Anonymous said...

Be careful about all that confidence in NY budgets

Read the NY Post article about projects that are ALREADY STARTED and cannot get the promised funding. Our local officeholders proclaim that "the Nano money is there!" and "the Hospital funding is in place". ... wanna bet?

Read about Cuomo actually paying out for his projects:

The Central NY mess is only just beginning, wait until you see what's coming next ...

Anonymous said...

I looked around and found that the whole Foxconn thing was two weeks old by the time Picente and the goonsquad even noticed it was there at all.

Further - and you won't see or hear it mentioned in the OD, on WKTV or at WIBX - Foxconn's CEO Terry Gou walked the whole PA statement back as a "wish list" there is no implied intent.

Yet off they all go to the populist races babbling in the news I'm so sick of it.
Even today on the Sunday WIBX "Mohawk Valley" show we hear "nano" referenced with that Pollyannish trust as if it's a foregone deal, while they were talking up some Not for Profit. (One of the dozens they feature)
In addition, unlike the "leaders" who couldn't lead sewage thru a pipe here in CNY I pay careful attention to the industry trades as part of my work.
I can think of three REALLY viable companies who'd be at least attentive to a pitch from the officials, but at this point I'm so disgusted with these people I wouldn't dare approach the local leaders because they're just nasty people personally I have found.
Having a good handle on things makes it really easy to see how - I don't like the word but - "pathetic" they really are. There was an article going around that detailed just what a pipe dream the whole Foxconn "deal" really is.

We need to dump the corporate welfare dreamers and get some more forward, reality-based politicians representing us. If not, it will simply be more of the same and worse. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Anonymous said...

A site is meaningless without the labor supply.

Anonymous said...

Gov Cuomo assures the Mohawk Valley officeholders that the NYS Nano and Hospital funding is secure.

In other news CE Anthony Picente confirms Oneida County purchase of a downstate bridge, Joe Griffo gave his strong support saying the revenue stream from all the tolls will provide critical funding to the region

Anonymous said...

I heard the same news; Oneida County now owns the Brooklyn Bridge and Keeler is going to host the ribbon cutting for Picente and Griffo. The Bridge Miracle. Who needs Nano?