Wednesday, July 06, 2016

FBI & HRC: An Indictment of Systemic Corruption

It was painful to watch FBI Director James Comey deliver his decision yesterday to not prosecute Hillary Clinton for federal law violations related to her mis-handling of e-mail -- especially after detailing all the evidence against her. Of all the federal agencies, the FBI seemed to be one that the public could count upon to be above political influence. That reputation is now a thing of the past.

But to not prosecute was the only reasonable decision that could have been made under the circumstances. 

Comey would have had to work within a corrupted Dept. of Justice and administration as evidenced by AG Lynch's unprecedented meeting with Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama having endorsed HRC. Comey could not count upon a DOJ staff under Ms. Lynch's supervision. He could not count upon government witnesses ultimately answerable to Mr. Obama.  Furthermore, the administration's reputation for destroying those speaking out against it is well known. Comey's agents could become administration targets. And then could he depend upon impartial treatment in a DC Circuit populated by Obama-appointed judges? 

The deck is stacked against a successful prosecution by systemic corruption.

Comey would know that only the voters could fix this. That is why he presented his case against HRC to the court of public opinion yesterday instead of a court of law, even though it made him look foolish. 


Rodger Potocki said...

Your logic makes sense. The FBI does not bring prosecutions, the Justice Department does. The FBI recommends prosecution based on the evidence. As was presented, there is plenty of evidence to indict her. Comey knew Lynch never would. He took her off of the hook. Historically, FBI directors have been political to the extreme. Recall L. Patrick Gray under Nixon and J Edgar? The reality of politics to Comey was overwhelming and he played the game. One thing that is undeniable is that Hillary is a serial liar. Sadly, her supporters do not care. The rule of law has virtually disappeared under Obama. No one of his administration is accountable for anything. They lie about our health, our taxes under the IRS, deals with foreign nations like Iran and now our national security. Elections sure do have consequences.

Greens and Beans said...

I agree that most - if not all - of the past FBI Directors have been politically biased. After the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting in Phoenix, Loretta Lynch made the announcement that she would abide with the recommendation of the FBI. The "FIX was already in, in terms of her knowing perfectly well what the decision would be. The decision was orchestrated in April by the President as he all but uttered the very same words as Comey excusing Hillary's obvious malfeasance.