Monday, May 16, 2016

The Federal Transgender Bathroom Mandate. . . .

The Federal government has issued "guidance" (backed by threats of lawsuits and loss of Federal education aid) to local school districts that requires them to allow students to use whichever bathroom (locker room, showers, etc.) matches the gender with which they "identify."  Liberals view this as another "civil rights" frontier in their war against "discrimination." They mock anyone who objects, dismissing objections as homophobic, bigoted, and provincial.

Objections have primarily focused on the sexual predator risk: that predators will use the Federal directive (or similar local laws) as "cover" to commit crimes in restrooms. But parents know their objections run deeper in ways they may not be able to articulate.

The American College of Pediatricians recently placed into words what most parents intuitively know: "Gender Ideology Harms Children."  In a nutshell, policies that support "gender confusion" behavior in children inhibit the mental development process that normally leads to acceptance of one's own biological sex, and leads to a host of mental problems as adults, including a significantly greater risk of suicide.  

Far from advancing "civil rights," those running the Federal government (most Democrats and a significant number of Republicans) are advancing a political agenda to further divide the nation against itself, to break down all institutions that could potentially challenge Federal authority: families, churches, bodies of religious beliefs, school systems, lower levels of government, and social groups and customs. Even persons who are self-sufficient can pose a threat (thus the need to "tax the rich").

This is only the latest of a multi-generational effort to condition the population to accept Federal control of all aspects of life without question . . . and without resistance. 


Chivas Dudley said...

I understand what you are saying but the bigger question is can we afford allowing individual State's decide issue's involving discrimination and equality. Texas and North Carolina come to mind. I am not sure of the rest.

Strikeslip said...

There are several "red" states involved with this issue -- and Yes we CAN afford to allow individual states to decide issues involving discrimination and equality because it was the intent of the Founders that the States were the proper jurisdictions to regulate society. Differences among the states were expected. This approach gives individuals real choices among states as to what kind of society they want to be part of.

The notable exception is RACIAL discrimination which had roots in Constitutionally sanctioned slavery that was abolished by the 13th Amendment following the Civil War. Federal involvement via "anti-discrimination" laws was deemed necessary to root out all vestiges of slavery which prevented blacks from fully participating in society. The intent was to give real meaning to the 13th Amendment for blacks.

Other forms of "discrimination" such as sex, orientation, gender, etc do not have the same Constitutional history, and the Federal government's involvement with same can be viewed as usurping state authority to regulate its own society.

Dave said...

Most bothersome to me about this issue is addressed by Strikeslip inthe last paragraph. If a group of elitists can systematically destroy our beliefs and culture at every turn, then society will be governed only by them. They probably have no beliefs, only methods.

I was brought up to honor traditions and moral values. I was taught respect for others, and I was schooled in the thinking of previous generations. I was helped along the path of using my mind for the best outcome for myself and others. I do not need help in forming opinions from politicians whose meager mandate is that they amassed enough money to pay for advertising to sway the masses of sheep.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get confused. On some days I identify with being a guy, next day a babe. So I think transgender bathrooms are the wave of the future. And when the line is long to take a leak I can switch over. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Signed, Dave DumbablowSmith

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the government can let minors decide what sex they want to be and not worry about future well being. The government even helps support their decision. But if they decide to smoke before their 18th birthday or drink before 21st they can be arrested and even the clerks who supported the minors decision can end up in jail.

Rodger Potocki said...

It is telling that those who defend the edict mention bathrooms but not showers and locker rooms. It is also telling that we will accept a White House inspired edict while Congress stays silent and asleep. We have become a nation of sheep. Our Congress has completely abdicated its role as the guardian of the separation of powers and the source of federal law.