Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Worst Possible Location!

The regional "Insiders" have struck again! 

The "powers that be" have determined that locating the proposed regional hospital in Downtown Utica is "best" for everyone.  No opportunity for public input.  No opportunity for the City Council or Planning Department to weigh in.  Inconsistency with the Master Plan's call for developing a "walkable" downtown.  More parcels of property taken permanently off the tax rolls.  

It has taken two generations since Downtown was gutted by the East-West Arterial Project and Urban Renewal Projects for the nascent start of a "walkable" Downtown to appear with Private investment and "infill" development in Baggs Square West. . . with the renovated Aud to become the focal point of a new Downtown.

Now a multi-acre medical campus will be plopped just across the street from the Aud -- another "urban renewal" project -- becoming an effective barrier to extension of Private development to the south of Baggs Square. Why this is a bad location, and a potential alternative location, were previously discussed here.

This project would not be possible but for the MASSIVE infusion of Public tax dollars -- OUR tax dollars -- but the Public's opinion is the last to be considered . . . if it is considered at all.

I just wish some local news organization would do an in depth study into How this decision was made -- not the justification for the site chosen (already mentioned in the news article) but WHO was involved in the decision making, What process was followed, and What other sites were also considered.   

It will tell us a lot about how we are governed -- and Who to blame for our current state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

It is a great location not only for buses but also ambulances coming off the newly renovated Route 12 (which hopefully finally be complete once the hospital opens). However, who currently owns the land and how much are they getting paid to sell out? And what if someone decides not to sell?

Anonymous said...

You must be joshing to expect the local public media to report anything in depth? There is not actual news media in our area; that is a large part of our problem. Just listen to the half baked local morning radio shows that deal with half a deck of knowledge or read the pitiful OD and one quickly understands why our area is as backward as it is.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw Picentes endorsement of this idiotic idea, I knew we were all in for a hosing. One thing Picente is good at is looking out for his political future & taking care of the chosen few that he runs with. The public good be damned!

Anonymous said...

The other sites included the existing St Luke's Campus and the Utica State a Hospital Campus (West Utica). I would think either of the two would make a better location then downtown. Each have the infrastructure to support the sites with minor modifications. I think if the NANO thing ever takes off. The City will regret the Downtown Hospital Site

Strikeslip said...

Agree completely, Anon 752. "If the NANO thing takes off" .... We been subsisting on hopes and dreams for years in this town. State Office Building, Airport, or a New Hospital, at best all we get is what government gives us. Government, however, cannot create a market demand for what we have here until it fixes what it has ruined.

Anonymous said...

With all the new business, loft housing, restaurants coming into downtown this is not the place to have a ambulances from 3-4 counties racing in all day and night. And of course the helicopter traffic as well. The noise will be unbearable. I am sure those dining on the roof tops will just love the wind and dust.

Anonymous said...

One could not agree more with the comment concerning the state of the local media. There is no accurate, in depth reporting or discussion anywhere here except in some of the small blogs such as this one. Anyone who bothers to read the OD or wastes just a little time listening to the half baked, half a deck Keeler show will understand just how uninformed we really are. Of course, what do we expect in an area led by officials who do not even have four year college degrees. In no other area would you get a major issue as the hospital move along with such little information and public discussion.