Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Top Metros for Advanced Industries...

Brookings Institute just released its list of the 15 hottest  metros for advanced industries.

A couple surprises: 1. Utah contained three of them. 2. Albany, NY was nowhere to be seen.

So, in spite of Billions of NY taxpayer dollars being spent in the Albany metro area on nano, it does not even register a mention. In fact, no place in New York State was mentioned.

Perhaps Utah does so well on this list because, Per CNBC, it is the third best place in the country overall and the number one cheapest in cost for doing business.

New York could learn a thing or two from Utah!


Anonymous said...

New York is the highest tax state in the nation, enough said. Nano Utica will just be yet another taxpayer funded sop in the pretend high tech game Cuomo is playing at the glee of local politicians who are desperate for crumbs.

RomeHater said...

Albany Nano is tied to U of A. The technology is sort of advanced, but it's not industrial. Companies can only use the production facilities for research. That means whatever chips they make can't be sold and are eventually destroyed.

At least they're doing some minimal chip fab in Malta and it only took a crooked legislator to get it.

Anonymous said...

Rome Hater. I suppose a bunch of research jobs with support staff is not all bad. But, if you tally up the per job taxpayer cost, the cost/reward ratio is going to knock your eyes out. And, whatever happens, it will not come close to transforming the area. Of course, the local pols with complete support from their cheerleaders at the OD will once again sell baloney to the public. And, once again, a good percentage of the public will swallow it.