Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baby Killer!!

The headline in the Syracuse paper says it all:

House passes bill banning abortions after 20 weeks: Hanna splits with GOP

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Noon Update:

There is more than just the woman here -- there is another person. There is virtually no difference in that person before and after passing through the birth canal or being removed via C-section. The person is viable. Courts have long recognized wrongful death claims for babies in utero. Because abortion at early stages in pregnancy has been found legal, someone has to draw the line as to when personhood rights under the US Constitution attach. Like the abolition of slavery, that job properly belongs to Congress. And contrary to Mr. Hanna's assertion on his Facebook page, exceptions are provided for the mother's health and in other circumstances. See Section 1532 (b)(2)(B) at .


Anonymous said...

Hanna was the head of Planned Parenthood which derives much of its income from abortions. He obviously believes in no limitations whatsoever. Furthermore, he is too cowardly to admit it and resorts to lying, in this case about the legislation at hand.

RomeHater said...

Under English Common Law (which the early Americans followed) abortion was only allowable until the quickening, or when the baby started to kick. That would put it right around the viability point of 5-6 months.