Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Celebrating Nonsense . . .

Oneida County "celebrates" the One Millionth Gallon of jet fuel sold at Griffiss "International" Airport with a big press release.

Does this mean that the Airport is finally self-sustaining?  . . . . I didn't think so.

The number of "operations" at the airport continues to fall.  The only reason O.C. did so "well" in the fuel department is due to military -- i.e., government -- flights.

But how "well" did we do?  As of 12/11/14 OC took in $84,473.46 . . . just about what we are paying the new airport commissioner.

Perhaps O. C.  celebrates this "non-event" to distract from the fact that O. C. has to chase down Mid-Air to collect $700,000 it is owed.

What nonsense!


Anonymous said...

In 2009 the County spent $900,000 to expand the airport's fuel farm for the commercial benefit of Million Air. The County receives 8 cents for each gallon of fuel sold. Million Air will have to sell over 11 million gallons of fuel for the County to recover its investment, not including interest on the bond. The only one having a reason to celebrate is Million Air for the corporate welfare and subsidies it has received from the County.

Anonymous said...

WOW - I'll bet the 1,002,485th gallon is going to be awesome. Let's have a parade!!

How undeniably pathetic

Anonymous said...

A contact at the airport tells me that since Jan 2009 Million Air has sold slightly more than 5 million gal of fuel, so the County's revenue has been approx. $400,000 over 6 years. A poor return on investment for the County.

Anonymous said...

Plattsburg, Ithaca. and Binghampton at least have some regular air service. Oneida county has NO regular air service . What a sad state of affairs. Millions of dollars have been poured into the place and more millions to follow. What corporation would follow this business model? Picente cant even convince his OIN masters to bring charters into the place.

Anonymous said...

The entire no flights to anywhere airport is a huge waste of taxpayer money.As Syracuse sits less than an hour away, a real airport, we waste time and a ton of money on a white elephant. But, I'll bet a gallon of fuel that most Oneida County voters do not even know where the airport is, what it costs and what it does not provide. How else can one explain pouring money down this drain?