Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Their Piece of the Pie . . .

A couple months ago Oneida County Executive Picente complained about a proposed casino in Tyre, Seneca County, and announced a coalition to fight it. Seneca County Chairman Hayssen shot back
“Picente and Halbritter know we have the best model for our casino in our zone, and it will rival theirs someday,” he said. “They just don’t want it to happen.”
But Mr. Picente said
that the placement of a casino in Tyre goes against the intent of the Oneidas’ exclusivity agreement with the state, even though Tyre is just outside the Nation’s exclusivity zone.
The agreement is the agreement. If Tyre is outside the Oneida Nation exclusivity zone, then it is a legal location. Is Mr. Picente afraid of a little competition?

Now these same top officials in two counties battle over Turning Stone's planned luxury retail center.

Is Mr. Hayssen afraid of a little competition?

You have to love the spectacle of Government types (both Hayssen and Picente) battling over "their" piece of the "pie." 

But the problem is neither Turning Stone nor Tyre. Rather, the problem is with how Government (State, Federal and Local) allows certain entities (such as Turning Stone) to operate free from the rules that everyone else has to live by.

It is cronyism that WE THE PEOPLE wind up paying for  . . . sometimes in subtle ways  . . . like Utica area sewer users funding sewers for uncommitted nanotech companies . . . and Utica area water users funding a pipeline to Verona for Turning Stone.

WE THE PEOPLE need to put a stop to cronyism by getting rid of the government officials who engage in it.


Greens and Beans said...

When politicians realize that the voters are becoming disenchanted with their inept leadership, they reach out to the ones with deep pockets to finance their spurious political campaigns. This was evident when the RINO Oneida County Executive reached out to campaign for the democrat Governor. And now he is guzzling down the Oneida Nation’s Kool-Aid like a camel preparing for a journey in the Sahara Desert.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Halbritter will offer Picente a high paying job as head water boy or whatever. He's already carrying water for the OIN. That way, Picente will be off our backs & in the pockets of the Oneidas. Picente is good at selling himself off to the highest bidder. Totally spineless.

Anonymous said...

You also ought to know that Roanne Destitio, the owner of the license to provide liquor at the reservation/Turning Stone Casino, is the cousin of Tony Picente, the Oneida County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Is Picente the exec. of all of Oneida County or the the western section?Is he also the chief cheerleader for the OIN?All roads seem to lead to Rome and out of Utica .

Anonymous said...

If one looks at the "joined at the hip" relationships between the OIN, Picente, Destito & others one may make the assumption that the reason ratepayers are being sucked into paying for the pipeline & reduced rates that the OIN will recieve once they begin recieving water thru the MVWA, well one may start to think, 'gee are the above in collusion with each other & hosing ratepayers because of the cozy relationships of the aforementioned'? Nah.

Gee, why would anyone think that?

Just bend over & take it like a good citizen.