Thursday, October 23, 2014

The McDermott Surprise . . .

I don't know about you, but after watching the NY Governor debate last night the Libertarian candidate, Mr. McDermott, was  the big surprise! 

Mr. Astorino came across as being plastic... He presented nothing that we haven't heard before. While he is against Common Core, he would "replace" CC standards with New York State standards . . . but we've already had NYS standards that didn't help.  He would, at best, be another Pataki . . . appealing to more conservative voters, but not fundamentally transformative.

Mr. Hawkins was the big disappointment. Based on the last debate I expected a more intelligent discourse from him, even though I disagree with him on almost everything .... But all I heard was his Utopian wish list . . . and his accent!  . . . Where did that come from?

As for Mr. Cuomo ... The state is a mess.  The targeted corporate welfare on steroids only spends taxpayer money.  It will not create a sustainable economic revival because the structural problems that created NYS' malaise are never addressed (high taxes, over regulation, high utility costs, etc.).
Mr. McDermott nailed both the Common Core and the Charter Schools issues for me. I know some of my conservative leaning friends will disagree on the Charter Schools issue because Charter Schools create choices for parents.  But Charter Schools are still Government Schools.  They may create choices for now, but they are tuition-free competition for the truly independent private parochial schools. After the parochial schools get killed off, there will only be government schools -- and they all will be promoting the government's agenda rather than a diversity of thought.

Mr. McDermott is really a long-shot to actually win because he is not of a "major" party.  But in this era of three Republican County Executives (including our own) endorsing Democrat Governor Cuomo, are the Republicans really a viable party in New York State anymore?  The People have no real choices any more. . . . 

Unless they seize power for themselves.

That was Mr. McDermott's overall message last night:  Give power back to the People, and they will fix things themselves.

That Idea, is truly something new


Anonymous said...

Picente was sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver furnished by Cuomo and Halbritter. Picente has revealed himself as a big government money hungry self serving political animal. As a man who has made a career out of cashing government pay checks keeping the gravy train rolling is all that matters. Ethics be dammned ALL IS FINE IN ALBANY-- FOUR MORE YEARS.

Greens and Beans said...

The debate left me with some questions: Why did Governor Cuomo insist that Mr. McDermott be present at this debate? Why was Governor Cuomo not questioned on why, in Oneida County Executive Pacente’s crossover television endorsement campaign ad, purposely (lie) mislead New York State voters by having an artist rendering of a non-existent hi-rise building with a non-existent “Nano Utica” sign on it, at the future nanotech site in Marcy? Why was Governor Cuomo not questioned on his aspirations of running for the U.S. Presidency?

There has been a lack of common sense in New York politics for several decades. Without any serious campaign reform, big money will call the shots in terms of purchasing New York elections. I must agree that the Republican and the Democrat parties are a common blend of the same old rhetoric that has sustained the serious trouble that the State of New York finds itself in today. Mr. McDermott was the only candidate that expressed any common sense, despite the fact that, with the lack of any voter sophistication in terms of any understanding of most of the relevant issues, big money will enable the incumbent to prevail . . . again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. Picente did not sell his soul for anything. He has never been a real Republican. No real Republican would have raised taxes every year, supported a sky high sales tax and thrown hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at dubious projects such as the airport with no flights. The dirty little secret around here is that many Republican leaders are only Republicans due to their need for a job and/or a path to election. Whether it be a Boehlert, Griffo or Picente, they are at heart Democrats. The fools are the average Republican voters who swallow the fakery.