Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lower That Sales Tax!

The OD gave us a "sneak peak" at the County's 2015 Budget a couple days ago, but we didn't see what we were looking for.

Before another dime is spent on "economic development" projects, the County's Number One Priority should be cutting our total sales tax rate from 8.75% to 8.00% -- the rate that is paid in Syracuse, Rochester, Schenectady, Albany, and Binghamton.

Oneida County needs to bench mark its costs of doing business against those of other places and to bring them in line with other areas .

This region cannot continue to stand head and shoulders above its peers in taxation and expect to be taken seriously as a place to do business.


Anonymous said...

How can the County be getting a "windfall" from the Oneidas and the tax rate and sales tax stay the same? Where are the O.C. legislators? Are they afraid to say NO to the Boss? I guess the gravy train only stops on Park Avenue and no one ever gets off.

Anonymous said...

Bring it up to 20% since we are so close to turning the corner around here. If we do that we'll finally be where we want to be. A vast open wilderness that can then be added to Adirondack Park.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone seriously expect the bunch that created our high taxes in the first place to return the Oneida payments to the taxpayer? If you did, please contact me; I have a great bridge to sell at an attractive price.

Anonymous said...

Now we see the Republican County Executive endorsing the Democrat Governor. Why? Taxpayer money and spending. Here most Republican elected officials are no more Republican than Harry Reid. They are only Republicans because that is both a job and election path. The only true Republican is Tenny.

Strikeslip said...

I have to agree with you Anonymous 1135.

Oneida County Republicans are taking "investment" risks with OUR money rather than their own. They have bought into the Keynesian idea embraced by Democrats that government spending gets the economy going ... But it does not. Were that true The Great Depression would have been short lived ... And the precipitous drop in government spending after w w 2 would have created the greatest depression of all ... But the opposite happened.

If investments in Griffiss Airport or Nano Utica would produce an economic return PRIVATE INVESTORS would be doing it. The fact that they are not makes clear there is no market for what they are doing ... Meaning any development in the long run will be unsustainable.

Unfortunately most main stream republicans think this way.