Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dealing with the Devil?

WKTV: Remington Arms to manufacture rifles for the country of Oman
Congressman Richard Hanna (R-24) confirmed the announcement to NEWSChannel 2 Thursday evening...
Hanna said, "The expertise and quality of Remington and their centuries of experience are clearly recognized not only by our own men and women in uniform who depend on their products to keep them safe on the front lines, but also nations around the world."
Oman?? What is the likelihood that at some point these arms will be used against our own people?


Dave said...

Yeah! We shouldn't be dealing with a country that will put you in jail for screeching your tires or not keeping your car clean!

- from the US State Department's Consular Affairs notices

Seriously, haven't we learned from our experiences in Iraq, Libya, et cetera?

Rena said...

Very sad. Very disturbing. The things that people/companies do for the almighty dollar.