Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where is OC Planning?

Another development in New Hartford! This time further out on Seneca Turnpike. This is pretty close to the edge of the urbanized area, pushing sprawl further out. While town officials think this is a good thing, town residents already know otherwise based on some of the comments to the OD article.

One has to ask, where is Oneida County Planning in all this? If anyone, those professionls Should understand the harm that sprawl causes the entire region... that the entire region is becoming unsustainable because there are too few of us to afford to pay for and maintain the additionl infrastructure needed to support it ... But they seem to rubber stamp anything a politically connected developer wants to do.

OC Planning rubber-stamped all the new suburban developments that plugged sanitary sewage
lines into a combined sewer overflow which led to our expensive Consent Order that we pay for in our sewer bills. OC Planning ignored its own planning documents when the County pushed to send Utica water to Verona. OC Planning sat idly by while a nice-sized airport was traded in for something our population cannot possibly justify.

Read Will Greater Cleveland squander its chance for sustainability planning. They could be talking about Greater Utica.

Why do we pay for a county planning department that misses the forest for the trees?


Anonymous said...

Once an admirable department, the OC Planning now irrelevant to its mission.

Anonymous said...


RE: In May, Adler put in an application to the Zoning Board asking whether gasoline pumps are included as an accessory to retail use at the vacant property. BJ’s and other wholesale clubs offer gasoline service.

The application is on the zoning board’s agenda for its Monday meeting at the New Hartford Public Library.

According to the New Hartford Town Codes Department there was NO APPLICATION submitted by Mr. Adler.

Did the Observer Dispatch Reporter verify this?

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