Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Western Oneida County Leader:'We need more water'

1. Western Oneida County municipalities which hope to grow and/or the Turning Stone Casino need to make the investments already made by Utica and its surrounding municipalities in developing their own water supply resources instead of Johnny-come-lately merely tapping into Greater Utica's/Herkimer County's supply. To the extent the Utica area has water to spare (legally doubtful) it needs to be kept in reserve for future growth in Greater Utica.

2. Oneida County needs to follow the water supply study it commissioned back in the late 1960s along with the State Health Department. It looked at all potential water supply resources in the Region and planned for significant future growth. No new study is needed. The plan is there. Other sources exist that are more appropriate for western OC to use.

3. Oneida County needs to understand that the water supply belongs to certain communities in Greater Utica and not to the County, and that certain Herkimer County municipalies already have been given rights to the Greater Utica supply. The communities with rights are specifically listed in MVWA's permit. Western Oneida County is not included.

4. The City of Utica, New Hartford, Whitestown and other municipalities currently listed in the permit need to impress upon their MVWA reps that any proposal to share water with Western Oneida County will limit potential future growth in THEIR areas.

5. Mr. Becher needs to be replaced.


Anonymous said...

Becher is NOT the problem. Becher is from Syracuse and is simply following the lead of his board and its chair. Want to replace someone? look at the chairman and the board which is the real problem. Look at who is on their board and who has the ties to interests seeking this expansion. Look at what they are attempting to do here and then you will also understand why the MVWA is in a legal battle with the Canal Corp. They are already in legal battles and they are adding to them with this effort. True example of leadership that has driven this region into the ground!

Anonymous said...

"The City of Utica, New Hartford, Whitestown and other municipalities currently listed in the permit need to impress upon their MVWA reps that any proposal to share water with Western Oneida County will limit potential future growth in THEIR areas."

Ha! Laughable! Utica is a dysfunctional mess, NH is controlled by those same people who control the Water Board. We've been sold down the river. It's easier to enjoy the ride than to try and swim upstream.

Anonymous said...

Where is the 5 million gallons of water needed to operate the invisible chip plant going to come from?

There is no need to use MVWA water for western Oneida County. Rome has plenty of water to sell and it is right down the road. The base now uses a fraction of water compared to the past and the state just closed a prision. Excess water all day long. Yet, OC politics and the greed of the MVWA will dictate what happens here. The results are guaranteed to be a function of corruption and incompetence.

Greens and Beans said...

It’s Déjà vu all over again. The City of Utica should take particular note here. This has been a hot issue that emanated several years ago. The Oneida Nation’s master plan has always included somehow persuading Verona to distort its water rights share to Hinckley reservoir. Unlike Utica, the Oneida Nation seems to be strictly adhering to their original master plan. And this includes persuading Mr. Becher to again play puppeteer to manipulate the MVWA board into giving away precious water rights to an unqualified customer. And yes, municipalities within the Nine Mile Water Shed should sue the water authority. This will be particularly true if Judge Hester’s 2009 ruling is allowed to be disregarded. This will most assuredly generate more lawsuits. But Mr. Becher is no stranger to spending MVWA funds to fight baseless legal battles he deems reasonable. As the lawsuits diminish the MVWA fund balance, the board looks to other line items in an effort to justify raising consumer water rates.

As all New York State municipalities’ tax rates are now capped, in an effort to generate additional revenue, casino gambling seems to be inching closer to being legalized. This poses a threat to the Native American Nations who have enjoyed a monopoly on super lucrative games of chance. In turn, this places an additional urgency to expedite their plans to diversify their enterprises in other profit producing endeavors such as golf courses, ball fields and perhaps water parks.

Anonymous said...

Are we all forgetting that Elis DeLia is culpable in this matter? He along with his cronies continue to thwart progress in Oneida County.

All one has to look at his actions on the New Hartford Town Planning Board. His actions are ruining the town and surrounding area...not to mention who he is affiliated with.

Get rid of these individuals and we may be able to survive, however, I think it has passed the point of no return and we are DOOMED!