Thursday, February 09, 2012

Entitlement Mentality: Rich . . . and Poor . . .

Utica teachers group: Concessions not the answer 
Wage concessions aren’t the answer to the Utica school district’s budget woes. That’s the stance of the Utica Teachers Association, one day after the district said it would have to cut 150.4 teaching positions to help make up the $10 million deficit it’s facing for the next school year.
Astounding! Businesses closing all over the place, state workers giving up pay increases for years, but this group feels entitled to more in spite of already being among the best paid workers in the region.

Local residents 'Speak Out' against area poverty
Area residents and community leaders gathered Wednesday to hear the stories of those who are struggling. The group met in an effort to bring attention to poverty issues in the Mohawk Valley during the Community Speak Out for the Mohawk Valley at the Parkway Recreation Center in Utica. . . .
“I work as hard as I can to provide for my son,” [a 21 year old single mother] said. “I don’t get any help. Now I have to pay.”
 “I want you to all pretend you get $200 in Food Stamps every month. That’s it,” [a local senior] said. “You dial the phone for your Food Stamp balance and it’s now zero. The programs have been cut. So, now what do we do?”
Perhaps it is unfair to ask why a 21 year old has a child but no supporting husband?  Perhaps it is unfair to ask why a senior must subsist on food stamps?  OK, people make mistakes, people don't always plan for their future, and people suffer the unexpected. They need help . . .  Most people believe in helping the poor. That is what charities are for. 

But the tone of persons being "entitled" to help is what is bothersome here.
Where does the tone come from? This event was organized.  Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency was a sponsor. Per its 990 out of a $17 million dollar budget $16 million comes from government grants: i.e. it comes from the taxpayers.

Whether we speak of relatively well-to-do teachers' union members, or the organized poor, taxpayer dollars are fueling lifestyles -- and, apparently, a sense of entitlement.  Taxpayers can always be forced by law to cough up more money.
 Sorry . . . NO sympathy here for the entitled rich and poor ... I'm saving that for the taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of being called cruel, mean and uncaring, the debate about who owes whom has reached a near laughable level as argued by groups vested in the "poor industry". I guess spending $2.1 trillion per year on transfer payments to the "poor" is not enough. I suppose we ought to be paying for all of the 21 year old's expenses including her cell phone, cable tv, auto,$4 fancy cups of coffee. The very idea the some "owe" others has no moral or logical basis. The statement that "taxpayers can always be forced by law..." is the problem. How can the taxpayer be "forced" to do anything when the taxpayer elects those who make the laws? Does not this mean that the taxpayer is responsible for his own plight as is the 21 year old?

Anonymous said...

The three mom's who spoke I do feel sorry for. They are actually working and trying to improve themselves and their situation. The cutting of the day care subsidy by Oneida County will most likely force them out of work and onto welfare. It seems that if I'm going to help someone paying the day care so they can work makes sense. Having to pay them to do nothing seems a bit counterproductive.

You had speakers from MVCA, RCIL, and some guy from Albany who got the crowd going about how corporations don't pay there fair share and said we were part of the 99. At that point I was ready to leave.

I should have left when I saw that there were no representatives from any elected officials there.

To Mr. 99 that was there, when are your friends going to start calling out GE and their mouth piece NBC for paying exactly no corporate taxes? Oh wait, it depends on which party you support and not your actual actions.

Instead of leveling the playing field why don't we provide the opportunity for everyone to raise themselves up.

Strikeslip said...

To anon #1 you are correct that to some degree the taxpayers are responsible for their plight by electing people who promote this government largess. But consider this: taxpayers are not the only ones who vote (about 49% pay no federal taxes) and the number of those on the receiving end is greatest in history. Some may call it vote-buying. We should all call it unsustainable.

Austinwalker said...

Last year the federal program called Lifeline paid $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of more than 12 million low-income subscribers.
The fees to pay for this program are on your landline phone bill.
It's an Obmanation.

Anonymous said...

Of course, a working person or one who truly seeks work and improvement should receive the temporary benefits of the safety net programs. But, the central point is that all should understand consequences of actions and conduct. As for Oneida County. If day care support was actually cut for those with jobs, we have another case of misplaced, misguided priorities. The county has a budget loaded with fat, patronage and purchasing by politics. Millions can be cut and saved without having to cut positive programs.

NewYorkCentral said...

Well, when you have groups with certain words in them - like "Reform", "Community" or "Action" you really should know what to expect! Remember ACORN?

Senior Gardener said...

If the senior subsisting on $200. food stamps is renting, likey he or she is not allowed to plant a vegetable garden. Most landlords in this area simply won't hear of it. Maybe they have money invested in retail grocery businesses?

Rena said...

"But the tone of persons being "entitled" to help is what is bothersome here."

Agree!! So many people have been raised to believe that they are entitled to so many things. All you have to do is want it and someone will find a way to get it for you.

The follow your dreams crap that is being taught to kids in school, its a joke. What about work hard and be a respectable citizen? What if a bunch of kids had a dream of being low life bums, are the teachers going to encourage that? I bet they will.

Tis why I hate public schools.