Thursday, October 27, 2011

Show Boat Legislation . . .

Brindisi: Keep hydrofracking away from Hinckley Reservoir
“If any of the streams or rivers that run into the reservoir became contaminated, it could potentially leave thousands of homes in our region without clean tap water,” Brindisi said.
The map at left is a map of the surface geology in the vicinity of Hinckley Reservoir. The Utica Shale is shown at the lower left in brown. The Trenton Limestone is shown in diagonal blue and white lines. Although both have been associated with gas production elsewhere, these layers are too close to the surface near Hinckley to hold recoverable quantities of gas. The geology below these layers, and the geology to the northeast of Hinckley Reservoir (northeast of the diagonal line passing through Hinckley Res.), both on and below the surface, consists of Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rock. I.e. It predates the life on earth that is the origin of hydrocarbons and therefore cannot contain gas!

Hydrofracking is the "hot" issue of the day. It is easy to score points and prey upon people's fears by coming out against hydrofracking. But this proposed legislation, geologically, makes no sense.

Legislation on hydrofracking should be based on science, not emotion. While hydrofracking is an important issue in areas to the south and west of Utica, it is not an issue for Hinckley.  

There are far to many real issues that affect the 116th District (like high power costs and Thruway tolls) which need to be dealt with.  This is not one of them.

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Anonymous said...

This was an easy first policy statement to issue. Politically correct which few could disagree with...

Agree with your assessments