Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Smell the Coffee . . . It's TEA Time . . .

April 15th . . . Time for the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party! Taxed Enough Already!

They're going to revolt in Rome 4 to 6 PM Wednesday, April 15th at Ft. Stanwix National Monument.

They're going to revolt in Utica 11AM to Noon Thursday, April 16th at the State Office Building.

They're going to revolt all across New York State.

It's time to get back to some basic principles.
  • We don't need the government to run our businesses.
  • We don't need the government to run our lives.
  • We don't need the government to take increasing amounts of our money to give to well-connected cronies.
  • We don't need the government to pick society's winners and losers.
  • We don't need the government to steal the value of our savings by printing more money.
It's time to remind Government that it serves US, not the other way around.

See you at the party!


clipper said...

Very well stated Strike. I just read on Clipper's Corner, that there was only a meager turnout of about 15 people at the Utica rally. That is a pretty sad reflection on the people of Utica. I guess we can't have too much sympathy for those that can't take an hour or so to make their positions known to government.

I would imagine that the more civic minded community of Rome NY will have a much heavier turnout, and some real participation.

I have never understood how two cities, only 15 miles apart, can have such different personalities, and such a obvious difference in their community minded spirit, or lack thereof.

Strikeslip said...

Actually 15 people for the utica rally is pretty good -- considering that the Utica rally is not until Tomorrow :-)

Anonymous said...


See you there

swimmy said...

Careful. Holding those beliefs may land you on the DGS most wanted!